You're different. Your wedding photos should be, too.

You've never done what's expected.
And you won’t on your wedding day, either.  
You choose real moments, instead of canned.
You care.
You don’t do conventional.
You prefer the offbeat, the extraordinary, things that surprise.
You can’t wait to celebrate your love with friends and family.
You have it all together.
But you might cry during your ceremony.
And if you do, you want the tears documented.

This little ring bearer refused to carry the rign down the aisle.

This little ring bearer refused to carry the rign down the aisle.

You celebrate community.

You see your wedding as a time to celebrate the person you love with the community of people who love you. (Otherwise, you would just go to the courthouse and tie the knot.)

So instead of hiring a photographer who will spend your wedding day following just the two of you, you’ll choose one who will also focus her camera on the friends and family who have gathered to share the love. 

If you're looking for honest, soulful photographs of the two of you having the time of your lives and friends and family cheering you on, then:

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What clients have to say:

Cindy is flexible and kind and considerate. She has been more like friend than just photographer to us. Her wedding pictures seem really natural and genuine. Whenever I look through photos, I feel like I am in that moment again. Thanks!!!
— Subin and Nick, Emory Conference Center
Nick and subin share a toast.

Nick and subin share a toast.

I’m so happy with my decision to hire Cindy to photograph my wedding.

First, her pictures are absolutely spectacular. She has a talent and keen eye for anticipating and capturing genuine emotions and moments.

Second, and just as important, Cindy is great to work with. She gives direction very well, as needed for posed photos, and fades into the background to capture candids.
— Alison and Abe, Academy of Medicine

Complimentary Engagement Session

If you have a date and a venue, but no a photographer, yet, I’ll give you an engagement session, just so we can make sure I’m the photographer for you. Just fill out our form below and I’ll be in touch.

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Bride and groom portrait

But, do you take posed photos?

I sure do, and details and scenics, too. I work from a posed list you create, setting up photos as quickly as possible, so you can have fun on your big day, (and I can spend my time doing what I do best — capturing moments, big and small.)


A ninja with a camera

Cindy Brown

I'm Cindy, a street-documentary style wedding photographer serving Atlanta and beyond.

On you’re wedding day, I’ll blend into the background, while you enjoy your wedding. By letting events happen naturally, without orchestration, I’ll capture the essence of what’s happening and the personalities of your guests having fun with you.

If you’re looking for photos that tell the stories of moments big and small, from all parts of your wedding day, with whimsy, humor and subtlety, then:

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