Yep, this is me -- Chocoholic, Dog Lover, Daredevil and all-round nerd.

Yep, this is me -- Chocoholic, Dog Lover, Daredevil and all-round nerd.

I'm Cindy and I'm a wedding photojournalist. I take unconventional photos that celebrate your community of friends and family.

How so? You ask.

By documenting hugs and tugs, tears and cheers, quirks and quarks, laughs and gaffs.

If you're looking for creative photographs of the two of you having the time of your lives and friends and family cheering you on...

You've come to the right place

After your wedding, you’ll receive one-of-a-kind photos that will transport you back in time to how you felt on your wedding day. 

 Aaron Gadsdon and Catrina Porch wedding at Fountain of Faith MBC and Marriott Gateway Hotel
Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Groom with cigar
 Alison Goodrich and Abe Ali Wedding at the Academy of Medicine
I’m so happy with my decision to hire Cindy to photograph my wedding.

First, her pictures are absolutely spectacular. She has a talent and keen eye for anticipating and capturing genuine emotions and moments throughout the day that would otherwise be forgotten.

Second, and just as important, Cindy is great to work with (my bridesmaids also commented to me on this.) She gives direction very well as needed for posed photos and fades into the background to capture great candid photos.
— Alison and Abe, Academy of Medicine
Atlanta Wedding Photographer Rose Petal Exit
We love, love, LOVE our slideshow!!!!  How amazing! We watched it twice before responding to your email. :-) We could not have asked for a better chronicle of the day
Nicole and Bryan, The Historic Academy of Medicine, Atlanta, GA
lesbian wedding photographer
After we saw the photos, we were blown away! They perfectly captured us, our guests and the moments that made our wedding special.
Ashley and David, Elijay Mountain Wedding
bride photograph
For the first time in my life, I was lost in a moment.....for my entire wedding day. Cindy & Sharon captured everything I didn't see that day.
Traci and Heidi, backyard wedding in Atlanta

Photographs by Cindy Brown and Sharon McMahon

Banner photo: Tim and Vanessa, Emory Presbyterian Church wedding