Esther and Alex's North Georgia Wedding

In preparation for every wedding, I ask couples to tell me how they envision their ideal wedding.


Here's what Esther had to say about getting ready. "I'm with my bridesmaids at the room upstairs at the venue, my friends/bridesmaids and I are laughing and listening to fun 90's music while we get ready. It is magically not hot and I'm never sweaty. The room is decorated with cute make-shift bridal touches and we are having little drinks and singing Britney Spears, Mulan and other Disney hits."


Esther's ideal ceremony: "Short, because I know people appreciate that, but with a sacred feeling and touching uniting of Alex and me. Hopefully the weather is nice, but if not, hope to at least get some really funny moments out of any craziness that that causes." 


Esther's idea of the perfect reception- "Everyone gets rowdy and has a good time, the music is awesome and we are all dancing the night away, the toasts are fun, the ending feel is that people are sad it's over, but it was just the right length and people are going to bed with a smile."