Alex and Esther's Pontoon Boat Exit on Lake Chatuge


Here's Esther's description of her ideal reception:

"We end out on the pier, people stumbling a bit because we're tipsy, and laughing, light our Chinese lanterns, say a small call and response of 'holding you in the light' before we let the lanterns go."


"All the lanterns light easily and don't take long to fill-out, and if something goes wrong and one catches on fire or something, again, it's a funny memorable moment. But no person catches on fire, or if they do we shove them off the pier before they get hurt or we get charged extra for anything from the venue." 


"We let the lanterns go, all squeeze each other with love, then BAM, boat rides up to pier, we swing the doors open, and everyone claps as we say our goodbyes and hop on the boat and zoom off into the lake (where we will circle the lake for a good while, looking at the stars and cuddling, until we come back to the docks right next to wear we zoomed away, and giddily skip to our hotel room, where we take-in how beautiful everything was, and pass out).


Esther's ideal continues: "Everyone peacefully says there goodbyes to each other, lots of hugs and "so nice to get to meet you, welcome to the family" and just a feeling of communal love and that no one was offended or punched anyone."