Nicole and Patrick | Eagle's Landing Country Club Part II

Yesterday I promised to post some of my favorite photos from the other members of my photo team. Today's post focuses on photos taken by my intern, Kara Johnson. She took a black-and-white photo class several years ago, but has only recently become serious about her photography. She has a wonderful sensitivity to people and a great eye. Here are a few of my favorites Kara took at Nicole and Patrick's wedding.

Photo by Kara Johnson | for C Brown Photo

This photo Kara shot from the terrace level above and behind the ceremony may be my favorite shot of the day.

Groomsmen Getting Ready | photo by Sharon McMahon for C Brown Photo Here's another favorite of one of the groomsmen checking out the wedding ring that Kara shot. The layering is delightful.

photo by Kara Johnson for C Brown Photo | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Kara Johnson for C Brown Photo Kara made the most of the graphic elements available from the view from above.

Photo by Kara Johnson The wait staff watching the wedding ceremony.

Photo by Kara Johnson | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Great job, Kara! Atlanta Wedding Photography


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