Giving Back: Photography for Non-Profits

One of the many saints in my life was my grandmother, known by everyone as Mammaw. As far as I could tell, she lived a life as close to pure love as any mere human could.  "It is more blessed to give than receive," was etched on her heart.

Whenever I live from that place of benevolence, I tell others that the spirit of Mammaw has come over me.

Lately the spirit of Mammaw has encouraged me to share the gift of visual storytelling with those who are doing good in the world. If I lived into her spirit completely, I would charge nothing for my services to nonprofits. I am not that saintly, and neither is my spouse. I give nonprofits a substantial discount, but I do charge something.

If you know a nonprofit who could use some good visual storytelling, have them give me a call. I'll tell them just how generous a discount I give.

Here are a few photographs I took for the Georgia Center for Nonprofits at their recent gathering that took place at The Atlanta History Center.