Roanoke Virginia Wedding | Lauren and Sam's Beautiful Day


We always ask couples to tell us what they are doing to make their wedding special or unique. And to tell us what they envision their ideal wedding to be like.

Here's what Lauren and Sam had to say about their wedding plans.

"We were a bit worried about the whole planning process. We wanted to make sure we stayed focused, spending our money and efforts on the things that mattered most to us.

So we wrote our list of priorities:

1) End up, at the end of the day, married to each other.

2) Have a great time celebrating that fact with all of our favorite people.

3) Have good food, good drinks, fun music, and really spectacular cake for that celebration.

4) Have lots of pictures to capture the event so that afterwards, when it feels like it was a blur of activity, we can remember the moments that made it beautiful.

5) Be responsible in our planning to not spend an outrageous amount of money on a single day and, to as great an extent as possible, support local and independent businesses."

That's a list of priorities I felt compelled to share.

Here are few of the photographs we took to help them "remember the moments" that made their wedding day so beautiful.

wedding photojournalist bride getting ready

Wedding photojournalist's take on groomsmen getting ready

Lauren Lobenhofer and Sam Chafin's Wedding

Atlanta photojournalist documents bride reading letter

Groom reading letter from bride

wedding flowers photography

Photograph by Cindy Brown, Georgia Wedding Photographer

First kiss photo by atlanta wedding photojournalist Cindy Brown


Wedding photography of first dance

Cake Cutting at Wedding

Lauren and Sam's Wedding photographs

Lauren Lobenhofer and Sam Chafin's Wedding

Lauren and Sam's Wedding Photos

Wedding photos in the rain