Katie and Evan | The Cultural Center in Hattiesburg, Mississippi

We were thrilled to travel to our old haunt Hattiesburg to cover Katie and Evan's delightful fairy-themed wedding. The nuptials and reception both took place in the classic Cultural Center, also known as the Old Library.

Katie's fairy collection adorned the table decorations and other nooks and crannies that were fairy worthy. The flower girls ... well they weren't really flower girls.They were fairies who carried huge -- I mean really huge -- flowers.

Close friends and family raised their glasses in toasts, watched the traditional cake cutting, bouquet toss and garter ritual and were treated to a surprising twist on the dance floor.

Here are a few favorites from the evening.

Hattiesburg Wedding Photographer

Fairy Flower Girls

Hattiesburg Wedding Photographs

After falling, bride and groom laugh and kiss together

Hattiesburg Wedding Photography

Photojournalistic images of garter being taken off