Emily Saliers sings with the Metro State Women's Prison Choir

Emily Saliers of the Indigo Girls hugs a prisoner after cutting the CD. photo by Cindy Brown Check out this CD. It's great.

Emily Saliers of the Indigo Girls, who provided financial backing for the project, chimes in on several songs on this CD with women in the Metro State Women's Prison Choir. Emily rocks the house and so do the prisoners!

Proceeds from sales of the CD go to benefit the Children's Center at the Metro State Women's Prison in Georgia.

I had the privilege of taking the photographs of the concert and the choir for the CD cover. And after the concert, I was delighted to join the prisoners and Emily for lunch. Emily is as delightful in person as she appears on stage, but with a Dad like Don it would be hard for her to be otherwise. (My apologies to Emily's Mom--since I've never met her I can't add wonderful words about her here, though I'm sure she must be pretty special, too.)

Here are a few stories about the project: