25 Random Things About Me | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

I figured since I went to the trouble of writing these for my facebook friends, I would share them here. 1. Sometimes when I close my eyes I notice how the negative image of what I was just looking at appears on the back of my eyelids. 2. I named my cat Candler after the seminary I attend. 3. My grandmothers’ names were Jewel and Ruby. 4. I think I should have been named Sapphire or Diamond. 5. I love the thesaurus feature on Word. 6. My favorite food is okra. 7. I haven’t played “Count the Cows” in years. 8. I have two NRSV study Bibles. 9. I once sailed across Tampa Bay … unintentionally. 10. I purposely created a “kinder, gentler” dissertation committee. 11. I have a pie safe, but never put pies in it. 12. I have made tortilla pie about 5 times in the last month. 13. My favorite vegetarian cookbook is the Moosewood Cookbook with the broccoli forest on the cover. 14. I lost my copy of it behind a refrigerator. 15. My best friend from 6th grade and I still exchange birthday cards. 16. I once was assigned to photograph the dedication of a screened in porch. 17. I loved to pick blackberries when I was a little girl. 18. I’ve been told that when I was three I rode on my Dad’s shoulders when he was water skiing. 19. I wish I had pictures of that. 20. I own four pair of blue jeans. 21. Two pair are a tad too tight. 22. My car was clean when I met my spouse. 23. It is hardly ever clean. 24. My oldest grandson is a Lego genius. 25. I once taught English composition at a women’s college.

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