Meditating with my cat Candler

I was checking out blogs for inspiration last night and ran across this great blog site from Kay Beaton. The topic for January 5th was being mindful in 2008. After reading Kay's post and some of the comments, I decided that being mindful for me starts with daily meditation. I used to to do it, but I haven't in a while. Well, not until last night. Inspired by Kay's blog, I decided to sit for 20 minutes. Turns out I only lasted 15, but they were all great and oh so very mindful.

My cat Ferron came over to rub against me after a minute or two and then settled for her own mediation a few feet away from me. Ten minutes later or so my cat Candler (the younger and friendlier of the two -- are orange cats always the friendliest?) came calling. After rubbing his head against my hands and knees, he decided to nestle against my crossed legs.

After the 15 minutes of officially mindful vipassana meditation, I sat another five minutes and mindfully petted Candler.


So maybe I did meet my orignial meditation goal of 20 minutes.