I'm a (sometimes) recovering chocoholic, adventurous traveler and all around nerd. I love to hike with my beagle/cattle dog Roux and best friend/spouse.

I was born in Atlanta, moved around a lot, and then came back.

After graduating from the Art Institute of Atlanta, I took a job at a small newspaper in Thomasville, Georgia, where I photographed hospital teas, horse trainers, pecan farmers, basketball coaches and beauty queens.

The Nerdy Artist By the Numbers

  • 16 Cities I've lived in
  • 5  Number of my favorite Brandenburg Concerto
  • 175  CCs the motorcycle I rode as a teenager had
  • 9,350  36-exposure rolls of film I shot 
  • 2  Etch A Sketch toys I owned as a child
  • 42  Favorite number
  • 5  College degrees I've earned
  • 30072 My zip code
  • 5  Daily newspapers I worked for
  • 3 GI Joes I owned as a child
  • 6 States I've live in
  • 601 466-2982 My cell phone. Call me and let's talk.

I photographed a biker funeral, death penalty protests and Ted Bundy on trial while interning with the Associated Press. While a staff photographer for two daily newspapers in Florida, I photographed manatees, spring training, Ronald Reagan, a train derailement and the dedication of a screened-in porch.

I once sailed across Tampa Bay accidentally.

An unexpected life turn took me to Vermont where I fell in love with Bernie Sanders and on to Indiana, where I edited photos for a major daily, and nerded out getting a master’s and PhD.

After teaching photojournalism at colleges and universities in Florida, Indiana and Mississippi, I returned to Atlanta to earn … you guessed it … yet another degree ... a Master's of Divinity.

Here I am  with My Dog Roux when he was a puppy. photo by Sharon Mcmahon

Here I am  with My Dog Roux when he was a puppy.
photo by Sharon Mcmahon

My passion for storytelling with my camera, along with my interest in religious and cultural diversity led my to the field of wedding photojournalism.

I have documented weddings large and small, Unitarian and Pagan, indoors and out, Christian and Muslim, in backyards and in churches. The most exotic wedding I have photographed took place in Tulum, Mexico and was officiated by a Mayan shaman.

I cry during the father-daughter dance, laugh during the toasts and often sneak a piece of wedding cake when no one is looking. On occasion, I have been known to dance while photographing the reception.

When I'm not photographing weddings, portraits or corporate events, I work on personal photo projects, visit my Mom in a memory-care home, and volunteer at a recovery center.

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