Lake Lanier Islands - Many Venue Sites, One Location


Wedding Venue on Lake Lanier

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of escaping from the rat race to the lovely Lake Lanier Islands. Upon entry, I stopped by Something Blue -- the one stop shop for Lake Lanier Islands brides and grooms--where I met Alicia Raymond.

Alicia is one of the talented wedding specialists happy to take you (or, in this case me,) on a tour of the many wedding venues located at the resort. With more than a dozen distinct wedding venues scattered around the 1,500 acre property, there seems to be a place for just about any wedding you could imagine -- from an intimate 80 person-affair, all the way up to a 700-person gala. Many of the locations offer amazing views of the lake. One venue, Venetian Pier, even sits on the lake.

Lake Lanier Islands also offers great options for rehearsal dinners. My favorite is the Spirit of Lanier, a 65-foot stern-wheeler that can accommodate 40 guests. I can only imagine how much fun a sunset cruise on the classic paddleboat would be.

Here are few photos to give you an idea of the natural beauty of the Islands.

Photographs of Wedding Venue near Atlanta

Event venue on Lake  Lanier

Atlanta Wedding Photographer C Brown Photo images from Lake Lanier Islands

Wedding Venue photos by Cindy M Brown

Photos of wedding venue near Atlanta

Lake Lanier Islands Dock wedding venue

Wedding Venue coordination at Lake Lanier Islands