Michelle and Allen's Persian Aghd Ceremony in Mississippi

It's taken us a while, but we've finally gotten around to sharing ceremony and reception photos from the Persian Aghd we posted about earlier. What a fun ceremony. The bride gets to pretend like she doesn't hear the officiant who is asking her if she is ready for marriage. Guests are encouraged to say the bride is out picking flowers or enjoying the sunny weather or some such. The ceremony is one of the most playful I've ever experienced. The reception was filled with delightful moments as well. Family members throwing money and dancing with hankies and friends and family taking part in the "knife dance." Here are a few favorites from the ceremony and reception:

Wedding photography

Culturally Diverse Wedding Photography

Culturally Diverse Wedding Photography

Culturally diverse wedding

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Persian Wedding Ceremony Photos

Saving part of the wedding cake

Wedding photography in Mississippi

Persian Aghd dancing

Persian Aghd Wedding photos

Wedding photos of Persian Aghd Knife Dance

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