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I've been doing some research in preparation for the coming Bridal Show season and thought other photographers might be interested to see the list of links I've created for my intern to review with me as we prepare our booth. Videos of booth set up: Time Lapse of Bridal Show Booth Setup -- Gregory Byerline Photography

Mode Photography bridal show booth setup

Zelo Photography Time Lapse Booth Set Up

Zelo 2

Setting Up T8 Photo Booth

Blogs about Bridal Show Photo Booths

The Photo Love

Susie Lindquist

Orange Turtle Photo

Alicia Schneider Photo Blog

Rowell Photo

Illuminate Photography

Donnan Photography

Allison Marie Photography Blog


This one even has directions on how they made it:

Tom and Jerry Photo

Both of these are really cool

The Blog Is Found

Marissa Rodriguez

The story behind Marissa's booth

Building Trade Show Flats

Several of the booths begin with the building of trade show flats, so here's a link that tells how to build the flats.

Flat Building 101

General info about bridal show booths: Hitz Photo on Bridal Show Booths

Digital Wedding Forum: Building a Better Bridal Show Booth

Bridal Show Tips

Info collected by Cindy Brown | Atlanta Wedding Photography