Wedding Photographic Society Convention | Part III


The second day of the convention, my friends and colleagues Sharon and Kara and I joined Cristobal Perez's live engagement portrait shoot. I showed up with my Quantum Trio and Phottix 4-in-1 Wireless transmitter/receivers. The only problem ... Cristobal is a photojournalist and wanted us to work on seeing and capturing emotion in natural light. Rebel that I am, I ended up spending most of the time practicing my epic lighting. I figured since I was at a conference I should try some things I rarely use. Here are a few of the funky photos I took during Cristobal's shoot. He was awesome and fun and inspiring and easy-going AND he let us shoot and shoot and shoot. Thanks Cristobal!

Wedding Photographic Soceity Convention

Cristobal Perez Live Shoot WPS Convention

WPS Convention

Atlanta Wedding Photojournalism