Atlanta Wedding Photographer: Candice and Maxim's Urban Engagement Safari

I'm excited to share a few photos from yesterday's engagement safari with Candice and Maxim. Candice and I both graduated from the Candler School of Theology in 2009. She and Maxim met when she first moved to Atlanta to attend seminary. We started our engagement safari at Barley's Sports Bar in downtown. This is where Maxim took Candice on their first date, if you can call it a date. The say that they were both wearing sweats and are not sure if that should actually count as a date. The folks at Barley's were delighted to have us there for the photo shoot. A shout out to everyone at Barley's for being so cooperative.

After shooting natural light of them playing pool and posing in the pool hall, I pulled out the softbox for something a little more formal near the front of the bar. Not really all that formal, but then that's just not my style.

We left Barley's and walked a block or so to the corner of Ralph McGill and Juniper where there were some lovely urban sculptures I have been eyeing as great photo fodder for awhile. We ran into a few characters looking for a handout on the way there and back. One of them came right out and told us he was asking for a buck so he could get a shot. The other one offered to give us a tour of Atlanta from the perspective of a real Atlanta native. When I told him that my Dad was born in Atlanta, so that's makes me a second generation native, he started quizzing me about various Atlanta hotspots. I failed the quiz.

After our urban sculpture adventure, we hopped in our respective cars and drove to Centennial Park in downtown. We all commented on how nice the park is and how we hadn't really spent much time exploring it before. Candice and Maxim played in the fountain and posed in front of a sculpture and beside some nice light posts. We finished our urban safari in front of the World of Coke toasting Mr. Pemberton, the inventor of the concoction. Thanks to the Pembertons, Candlers and Woodruffs for all they've done for Atlanta and Emory University!