Best Wedding Photographs 2016: The In-Between Moments

A documentary photographer at heart, I have always been attracted to the in-between moments. The moments that would never make it on to a list of must-have photographs.

The must-have photographs are ... yes, you said it ... must haves. A bride (or brides, or groom/s) coming down the aisle, the exchange of the rings, the kiss, the happy couple exiting the ceremony, the first dance, the parent dances, the toasts, the cake-cutting, the exit.

But there is so much more to the wedding day. As a photojournalist, I find the challenge of photographing a wedding is capturing moments that tell the story of the day that would have been forgotten, if I had not been there with my camera.

Here are a few of my favorites.

 Tim and Vanessa Wedding at Emory Presbyterian Church and Trolley Barn
 Kim and Shelby's Wedding at Avondale Estates Clubhouse
 Alex Shoaff and Esther Albrecht Wedding at The Ridges Resort in Hiawassee
 Ashley and David's Ellijay Mountain Wedding
 Kim and Shelby's Wedding at Avondale Estates Clubhouse
 Tim and Vanessa Wedding at Emory Presbyterian Church and Trolley Barn

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Favorite Wedding Photographs 2016: Ceremony

The heart of a wedding day is the ceremony. I love a good wedding ceremony.

Recently I listened to a photographer talk about how monotonous wedding ceremonies can be. I totally disagree. Every ceremony I've attended has had its own essence. And every couple responds to the solemnity of the service differently.

Sometimes the ring doesn't fit ... or doesn't seem to fit ... or maybe somebody just makes it seem like it doesn't fit.

 Tim and Vanessa Wedding at Emory Presbyterian Church and Trolley Barn

Sometimes the kiss is delicate.

 Kim and Shelby's Wedding at Avondale Estates Clubhouse

Sometimes the ring goes on without a hitch.

 Ashley and David's Ellijay Mountain Wedding

Sometimes there's an appeal to the congregation. 

 Meg and Kadesha's Forest Hills Resort Wedding

And almost always there's a celebration at the end.


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Favorite Wedding Photographs from 2016: Getting Ready

"Looking back at my life's voyage, I can only say that it has been a golden trip."
Ginger Rogers

One year ends and another begins. We look back and we look forward, like Janus, the god.

I take the time to look back at the photographs I've taken during the past year and think about all the wonderful people I've met through my photography.

Here are few of my favorite photographs from the Getting Ready part of the wedding day. Ties seem to be a theme for the guys and surprise for the ladies.


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Giving Back: Photography for Non-Profits

One of the many saints in my life was my grandmother, known by everyone as Mammaw. As far as I could tell, she lived a life as close to pure love as any mere human could.  "It is more blessed to give than receive," was etched on her heart.

Whenever I live from that place of benevolence, I tell others that the spirit of Mammaw has come over me.

Lately the spirit of Mammaw has encouraged me to share the gift of visual storytelling with those who are doing good in the world. If I lived into her spirit completely, I would charge nothing for my services to nonprofits. I am not that saintly, and neither is my spouse. I give nonprofits a substantial discount, but I do charge something.

If you know a nonprofit who could use some good visual storytelling, have them give me a call. I'll tell them just how generous a discount I give.

Here are a few photographs I took for the Georgia Center for Nonprofits at their recent gathering that took place at The Atlanta History Center.


The holiday decor at the Emory Conference Center

When I was a kid I loved helping my Mom and Dad decorate our Christmas tree. The tree was always artificial--green with plastic needles. (The story behind our fake tree was that one year the real tree in our house shed all its needles less than 24 hours before the big day.)

We covered our tree with colored glass ornaments and a variety of tiny sleds, bells and angels and, of course, silver tinsel. I loved throwing the tinsel on the tree, even though it was quite difficult to keep if from sticking together in clumps. I don't see much of that silver tinsel these days. Wonder if that's why.


Now, I get my fill of Christmas cheer elsewhere, like the Emory Conference Center, for example.

I had the pleasure of photographing their holiday decorations just last week. Here are a few of my favorites.